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Digital Europa Thesaurus energy consumption Content type Page Topic / Tool
PAGE | 16 November 2021
Demand for water, food, energy, land and minerals is rising substantially, making natural resources increasingly scarce and more expensive.
PAGE | 16 September 2021
What are behavioural insights? Behavioural insights concern how people perceive things, how they decide, and how they behave. Behavioural insights are...
PAGE | 10 December 2020
Global energy demand is expected to increase by 30% by 2040, as of IEA New Policies Scenario. Demand for electricity might double by 2060, estimates the World Energy Council...
PAGE | 10 December 2020
In 1950 there were 5,600m2 of arable land per person, if present trends continue, by 2050, this might be reduced to only 1,500m. Demography; Geopower; Consumerism...
PAGE | 10 December 2020
By 2040, more than 1 billion households and 11 billion smart appliances could be part of the interconnected electricity systems. The digitalization of the energy system can considerably...
PAGE | 10 December 2020
The share of renewables in the power mix could rise from 25% today to 40% or even 66% in 2040. In 2017, only 12.1% of global power came from clean sources...
TOPIC / TOOL | 2 June 2020
Clean, affordable and secure energy is fundamental to a carbon-free EU. Understanding European’s energy-related decisions can contribute to better EU energy policy.
PAGE | 17 September 2019
Unless consumption patterns of the emerging middle class in developing countries change, bottle necks in food and energy are very likely, along with increasing environmental degradation...