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GLOSSARY ITEM | 27 September 2021
Roundwood that will be sawn (or chipped) lengthways for the manufacture of sawnwood or railway sleepers (ties) or used for the production of veneer (mainly by peeling or slicing). It includes...
GLOSSARY ITEM | 27 September 2021
See definition of Sawlogs and Veneer Logs.
TOPIC / TOOL | 25 August 2021
Get the most relevant knowledge resources on biomass from fisheries and aquaculture: reports, time series statistics, research projects and much more!
TOPIC / TOOL | 28 June 2021
Dig into data, visualisations and other resources on agricultural biomass in the EU: how much biomass is produced? What types and where? And much more!
TOPIC / TOOL | 28 June 2021
Explore data and information on forestry biomass and the state of EU forests: key figures, visualisations, publications and other resources selected for you!
TOPIC / TOOL | 15 June 2021
Find out how Life Cycle Assessment helps to monitor and predict environmental impacts of the Bioeconomy.
GLOSSARY ITEM | 3 June 2021
The bioeconomy covers all sectors and systems that rely on biological resources (animals, plants, micro-organisms and derived biomass, including organic waste), their functions and principles. It...
TOPIC / TOOL | 21 May 2021
Access maps, visualisations and more resources on algae biomass: What kinds of algae are produced? How and where?
GLOSSARY ITEM | 18 May 2021
Roundwood that will be used as fuel for purposes such as cooking, heating or power production. It includes wood harvested from main stems, branches and other parts...
GLOSSARY ITEM | 18 May 2021
A woody perennial with a single main stem, or in the case of coppice with several stems, having a more or less definite crown.