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Knowledge Centre on Cancer

We foster scientific and technical coordination of EU activities on cancer, while expanding the EU’s capacities and systems for prevention, early detection, treatment and care.

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TOPIC / TOOL | 10 August 2022
A flagship initiative of Europe's Beating Cancer Plan aiming to identify trends, disparities and inequalities for cancer prevention and care in Europe.
TOPIC / TOOL | 30 June 2021
Comparable cancer burden indicators on incidence, prevalence, survival and mortality are essential for the evaluation of the efficacy of cancer control measures and the prioritization of new health policies.
TOPIC / TOOL | 30 June 2021
Lifestyle changes might considerably reduce your cancer risk.
TOPIC / TOOL | 28 June 2021
The European Commission initiatives on breast and colorectal cancer aim to improve quality of care and reduce inequalities in Europe.
TOPIC / TOOL | 25 June 2021
KCC aims to connect all Scientific & Technical JRC activities that relate to cancer.