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Good Food Institute, a non-profit organisation, partners with companies and investors across the globe to drive investment, accelerate innovation, and scale the supply chain of alternative proteins. This online...
ONLINE RESOURCE | 29 April 2022
Game changer for the bio-based economy - Discover how the bioeconomy is changing your life
ONLINE RESOURCE | 29 April 2022
FPRI started tracking food export restrictions and documenting their impacts following the onset of COVID-19 lockdowns and some national governments moving to restrict food exports...
ONLINE RESOURCE | 29 April 2022
The IPC-CH Dashboard is a visual display of the total number of people experiencing or facing high levels of acute food insecurity classified in Crisis or worse (IPC/CH Phase 3...
ONLINE RESOURCE | 28 April 2022
The World Bank team has developed various analytical products to support the Government of Pakistan in transforming its agri-food system towards higher productivity and competitiveness. Under...
ONLINE RESOURCE | 27 April 2022
The Seaweed Academy is for individuals and businesses looking to improve their technical knowledge or gain accreditation in required skills for cultivating seaweed.
ONLINE RESOURCE | 26 April 2022
Eurostat provides a range of statistics and accounts about the state of the environment and the drivers, pressures and impacts of our societies on the environment. in this section, you find information about: Air...