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PUBLICATION | 11 January 2022
Women’s and youth’s roles in agriculture vary across contexts and over time. Limited quantitative information is available on this topic from Southeast Asia in general, and particularly from Myanmar. We...
PUBLICATION | 3 January 2022
Achieving sustainable and resilient societies everywhere is humankind’s collective test for the 21st century. Development challenges have become increasingly complex, intertwined and unpredictable. The framework of...
PUBLICATION | 26 October 2021
More than 1.8 million people in Myanmar have received WFP food, cash and nutrition assistance across urban and rural areas to date in 2021. Since May...
PUBLICATION | 20 October 2021
Explore the bioeconomy through the interactive map of Ireland! With engaging images and narration, you can learn about the transition to an economy based on natural, living resources!