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Publication | 18 May 2021

Youth and the Rural Economy in Africa - Hard Work and Hazard

Global Food and Nutrition Security

How do young people across Africa engage with the rural economy? What are the implications of this engagement for their efforts to build their livelihoods, and for their futures, for society and for rural areas? These are the questions that motivate this book and the research that underpins it. Such questions will be of interest to researchers, policy makers, development professionals and others concerned with the well-being and aspirations of young people, with their search for employment and decent work, and with the relationship between schooling and work. Individuals working on rural poverty and food security, agriculture and rural development – and rural transformation more broadly – should certainly be interested in rural young people’s lives and livelihoods, and the futures they imagine for themselves. Finally, a more nuanced understanding of young people’s engagement with the rural economy can help to ground debates about demographic change, including migration and urbanization, and provide a much needed reality check of common assumptions and narratives concerning youth, conflict and radicalization