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Publication | 2023

YEMEN Food Security Response and Resilience Project–YFSRRP: Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP): Construction of Rainwater Harvesting Tank

The YFSRRP focuses on building the resilience of Yemeni households to food security crises and improving household food security and nutrition by increasing food availability, access, and utilization in the project areas. The proposed sub-projects encompass complementary activities to address the related aspects of food security, including improving household incomes (improved food access), restoring, and expanding agricultural production (improving food availability). The project environmental and social management framework (ESMF)1 prepared in accordance with the requirements of the WB ESF. Under the umbrella of YFSRRP ESMF, PWP has prepared environmental and social management plans (ESMPs) for all sub-projects that were proposed to be implemented. In these ESMPs, PWP studies all the environmental and social and occupational health and safety (OHS) aspects within the sub-projects range and the impacts and risks that may emerge due to the implementation. Additionally, the ESMPs reflect methodologies of analyzing, handling, and managing environmental, social, and OHS impacts, and the procedures that PWP requires for the different parties involved in the implementation. In this ESMP, the subproject is under the agriculture sector and consists of construction of two rainwater harvesting tank. The sub-project will be implemented in Taiz governorate in Yemen. PWP will invest 100,000 US$ to complete the civil works. The sub-project will be implemented through community contracting modality. PWP completed its field visits in March of 2022 in which the stakeholder and public were engaged to ensure the sustainability of the interventions. This sub-project will not generate significant adverse environmental and social and OHS impacts, based on screening results. Nevertheless, there may be some short-term localized air pollution due to excavation works, and there may be some short-term localized noise during the shaping and cutting of the stones. Additionally, some social issues may arise like Covid – 19 spread, child labor, etc. The sub-project under this ESMP is rated as moderate with manageable impacts and risks that may arise during the life cycle of the sub-project.