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Publication | 7 February 2021

UN WFP India COVID-19 Bulletin Highlights from COVID-19 response - December 2020

This report provides summary of activities, interventions and partnerships that WFP in India undertook while responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

WFP in India responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by aligning its expertise and ongoing work with the Government of India to strengthen the delivery and uptake of food safety nets and focusing on the most vulnerable and at-risk communities.

WFP’s work on COVID has the goals of reaching those who are most in need with food and livelihoods assistance to enable them to cope, while also supporting the right to food and right to work as legislated in the National Food Security Act (2013). WFP’s partnership with the Department of Food has focused on increasing awareness of the Government’s food responses to the COVID crisis, such as for ONORC, PMGKY and ANB. The work supports National and State level (Kerala, Odisha, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh) responses to COVID-19, facilitating collaboration between Government, civil society, private sector, UN and other development partners. Partnerships with the private sector are helping to leverage additional financing for scaleup, while innovations and digital tools are being applied to facilitate and expand the reach of solutions to the most vulnerable and marginalized individuals, families and communities.