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Publication | 1 October 2020

Tracking EU Citizens’ Concerns using Google Search Data - Week 10

Week 10
30 September 2020

  • Analysing the evolution of EU citizens’ Google searches provides timely insights on their concerns in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic. This week the report focuses on school and education.
  • School-related searches appear uneven across EU Countries. In Italy and Germany people often search for school and coronavirus together while in Belgium, Portugal and France searches for virtual school suggest a high interest in IT equipment for education.
  • Countries where interest in E-Learning increased the most in 2020 compared to 2019 are also the countries where people have lower digital literacy according to the DESI Index. This suggests that in some countries, a steeper effort was needed to adapt to digital education than in others.
  • In most EU countries, laptop-related searches have been higher than in the holiday season, suggesting that the pandemic forced households to buy (or upgrade) their laptops. This signals how the impact of the pandemic has been asymmetric across income-groups, as unexpected expenses for IT equipment might have been more difficult to meet for lower-income households.
  • The covid-19 pandemic, which forced near-EU wide school closures and travel restrictions, has limited Erasmus uptakes. Erasmus-related searches dropped dramatically in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic, being now more than four times lower than their 2019 value.


Tracking EU Citizens’ Concerns using Google Search Data - Week 10
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