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Publication | 25 July 2020

Tracking EU Citizens’ Concerns using Google Search Data - Week 09

Week 09
24 July 2020

  • Analysing the evolution of EU citizens’ Google searches provides timely insights on their concerns in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic. This week the report explores changes in citizens’ holiday preferences.

  • Several Europeans, after being closed in their homes for long, are now looking for a way to stay closer to nature. This is reflected in an increased search volume for hiking-related topics. Importantly, this activity also contributes to improving their wellbeing.

  • Citizens show a growing interest in Rural tourism. The volume of searches for the topic is currently higher than last year in the same month. The opposite is true for city tours. Overall, people seem to be looking for destinations that they perceive as less crowded. This shift in Europeans’ holiday preferences will have a relevant and asymmetric impact on the tourism sector.

  • Interest in Recreational vehicles, such as campervans and caravans, began increasing in March, reaching now levels higher than the ones for the same period in 2019. EU citizens seem to have a preference for travel modes and vacation types which allow them to limit the amount of close social contacts they have.

Tracking EU Citizens’ Concerns using Google Search Data - Week 09
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