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Publication | 2021

Tackle climate change: Recommendations for agricultural adaptation policies of tomorrow

Adaptation to climate change in agricultural systems has become a major challenge for policymakers at the international, national, and local scales. The enabling conditions for the governance and implementation of national plans are one of the key challenges of climate action, and they depend on the quality, speed, and drive response provided. However, some claims or actions need to be questioned to build better climate policies for tomorrow.

This policy brief builds on 11 empirical fieldwork surveys to understand the enabling conditions for the successful implementation of public policy mechanisms promoting climate transition in the global North and South. The evaluation of these instruments highlighted five key messages.

  1. Policy Instruments: some promising tools for assessing climate policies
  2. Sectoral policies for agricultural climate adaptation support innovative processes
  3. Promoting efficient instruments which combine regulatory and incentive approaches
  4. Strengthening the implementation of existing instruments instead of inventing new ones is crucial
  5. Internal jurisdictional decisions favour the assessment of adaptation policies on a global scale