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Publication | 28 May 2021

Sustainable Development in Agriculture and its Antecedents, Barriers and Consequences – An Exploratory Study

Global Food and Nutrition Security

This study aims to understand Brazilian family farmers’ perception of sustainable development in agriculture, its antecedents, barriers and consequences. To do so, qualitative, exploratory research was adopted, interviewing 23 farmers. For data collection, an interview script was elaborated followed by content analysis. The results showed that farmers perceived sustainable development in agriculture from 25 definitions. The study identified 19 antecedents of sustainability in agriculture; 20 barriers hindering sustainable development in agriculture; and 14 consequences of more sustainable agriculture. This research contributes to in-depth reflection about the meaning of sustainable development in agriculture, associated with its antecedents, barriers and consequences for agriculture. The results reinforce that conceptualizing and understanding what sustainable development is, is a process and this concept can vary from one context to another. This study aimed specifically to examine Brazilian family farming from the perspective of sustainability.