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Publication | 2 August 2022

Roadmap for a bioeconomy strategy in Covasna county (Romania)

The roadmap documents for Covasna’s bioeconomy strategy are intended to be integrated into the regional/national policy framework (e.g., regional/national Smart Specialisation Strategy, Bioeconomy Strategy etc.). The roadmap documents outline actions to be taken forward by a range of actors, e.g., businesses or cluster organisations. The individual actions depend on the regional context (i.e. available biomass streams, identified business models), though, the following aspects are addressed: business sector development; RDI capacities and activities; use of diverse EU, national and regional funding streams; synergies with other policy fields, notably related to rural and regional development, as well as smart specialisation strategies; education / information in relation to sustainability; international collaboration and sharing of good practices among regions. The roadmap documents are developed with the strong ambition to feed into the mid-term review of the 2021-27 EU cohesion policy, rural development, and fisheries policies (ERDF, ESF+, CF, EAFRD and EMFAF) programmes and any mid-term updating of S3 or regional innovation strategies in the 2021-27 programmes.