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Publication | 18 May 2020

Research and Innovation towards a more sustainable and circular European agriculture: Exploring synergies between livestock and crop sectors


ATF-PLANT ETP Policy Brief

The Farm-to-Fork strategy opens the way towards a rejuvenated agriculture that stays within planetary boundaries. The goal is to arrive at a climate change-mitigating, circular, resource efficient agri-food system with closed nutrient cycles, healthy soils and ecosystems, restored biodiversity and an attractive landscape.

The “Animal Task Force” (ATF) and the “Plants for the Future” European Technology Platform (Plant ETP) recognise the urgency to transition towards sustainable agricultural practices and published, in September 2019, R&I opportunities for the crop-livestock value chain (see Joint Position Paper).

The R&I proposals aim at improving agricultural sustainability from an environmental, social and economic angle by developing synergies between livestock and crop production.