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Publication | 2022

Networks of Public Research Laboratories in Puglia: A More Extensive Role for Research and Innovation Evaluation Activities

The aim of the paper is to illustrate the development of a policy monitoring methodology and its implementation for a research and innovation intervention at the sub-national level carried out by Puglia Region under the ERDF 2007-2013, "Networks of public research laboratories".

The solution adopted hinged on two main theoretical concepts: "output additionality" and "key performance indicators". The paper shows from a practitioner's perspective main challenges and results from a multi-year monitoring activity.

In addition to the typical role of monitoring, i.e., assuring transparency and accountability of public spending and enhancing policy learning, the paper describes some of the downstream activities carried out by the monitoring body to further amplify the impact of the policy itself.

This new approach to monitoring and evaluation is the main distinctive and innovative feature of the overall monitoring plan. Indeed, the monitoring body, taking advantage of knowledge acquired throughout the evaluation activities themselves, strengthens measure's impact on relevant stakeholders and territory, encouraging the match-making between public research institutions and enterprises. The paper concludes with some relevant policy implications.