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Publication | 2022

Lesotho: Acute Food Insecurity Situation July - September 2022 and Projection for October 2022 - March 2023

According to the latest results of an IPC Acute Food Insecurity analysis, an estimated of 229,000 people representing 15% of the population in rural areas of Lesotho are classified in IPC Phase 3 (Crisis) in the current period from July to September 2022, and will require urgent action to reduce food gaps, protect and restore livelihoods and prevent acute malnutrition. Six out of 10 analyzed districts of the country have been classified in IPC Phase 2 (Stressed) in the current period while four districts are classified in IPC Phase 3 (Crisis).

From October 2022 to March 2023, an estimated 320,000 people representing 22% of the population in rural areas of Lesotho are projected to be in IPC Phase 3 (Crisis). Eight of the analyzed districts are projected to be in IPC Phase 3 (Crisis). At a country level and with regards to the weather condition itself, seasonal rainfall came with no delay. However, throughout the rainy season most areas experienced excessive amounts of rain, which destroyed some crops and caused waterlogging in most parts of the country. As a result, Lesotho registered low crop production compared to the previous year (2021) and the most recent five-year average.