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Publication | 2012

Landscape Analysis on Countries' Readiness to Accelerate Action in Nutrition

The Landscape Analysis of readiness to accelerate action in nutrition is a systematic approach to assessing where to invest and how to best invest to accelerate action in nutrition. "Readiness analysis" is frequently used in the private sector for assessing where investing resources is likely to give the greatest return and for determining how best to invest in order to yield the maximum benefits.

The Landscape Analysis examines the readiness of stakeholders' commitment and capacity to scale up evidence-informed interventions. Methodologies and indicators have been developed to assess readiness using secondary data in global desk review as well as through participatory in-depth country assessments. It builds on the work and experiences of countries in developing and implementing national nutrition policies and plans developed as a follow-up to the 1992 International Conference on Nutrition (ICN) and looks specifically at evidence-informed interventions proven to be effective in addressing maternal and child undernutrition as presented in WHO e-Library of Evidence for Nutrition Actions (eLENA).

The Landscape Analysis focuses on countries with high level of chronic undernutrition. Initially, the 36 high-burden countries identified by the Lancet Nutrition Series (January 2008) to be home to 90% of the world's stunted children. However more recently additional countries have undertaken in-depth country assessments.