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Publication | 12 March 2021

Knowledge Review: Sustainable Food Systems – JRC 03/2021

The purpose of this Knowledge Review is to provide to policymakers and practitioners key knowledge about Sustainable Food Systems (SFS) in a concise document. This Knowledge Review is based on seventeen recent reports.

The Knowledge Review consists of selecting, extracting, organizing and articulating the key messages of these reports. This Knowledge Review therefore does not necessarily reflect the position of the JRC and the European Commission. These seventeen reports represent a small part of the literature available on SFS and consequently the knowledge presented here is not exhaustive.

The Knowledge review is organized in four sections:

  1. Food Systems: Definitions
  2. The Challenges in Food Systems: Why do we need more SFS?
  3. Designing SFS policies: a challenging exercise
  4. Opportunities and policy measures to support the transition toward SFS.