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Publication | 23 July 2021

Knowledge Centre for Bioeconomy - video on fisheries & aquaculture biomass production


Fisheries & aquaculture biomass in Europe

Fish and shellfish are either captured from the wild or farmed – a practice known as aquaculture. The European Commission’s Joint Research Centre analyses data on the status of fish stocks in EU waters. Although the status of fish stocks is steadily improving in the EU waters of the Northeast Atlantic, severe overfishing in the Mediterranean and Black Seas still needs to be curbed in order to strengthen a sustainable and circular bioeconomy.

Fisheries and aquaculture biomass production within a sustainable and circular bioeconomy

Under the biomass mandate (2014), the JRC is tasked with providing the EC services, on a long-term basis, with data, models and analyses of EU and global biomass potential, supply, demand and related sustainability. Under this task, the JRC is carrying out a Biomass Assessment Study. This video explains part of the results of the study related to fisheries and aquaculture, that were synthesised by the Knowledge Centre for Bioeconomy in the science for policy brief on biomass production of fisheries and aquaculture, published in 2020.