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Publication | 26 January 2018

Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) Observatory

The European Commission (EC) has launched a project involving the set-up and implementation of a Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) Observatory for 2013-2015. The project is realized by a consortium comprising IDEA Consult, TNO, CEA, ZEW, NIW, Ecorys UK and Fraunhofer ISI (as sub-contractors).

The objective of the KETs Observatory is to provide EU, national and regional policymakers with information on the deployment of Key Enabling Technologies both within the EU-28 and in comparison to other world regions (East Asia, North America). Knowing the recent trends and developments of KETs related technology and products in the EU in comparison to other competing economies may serve as a basis for the construction and implementation of dedicated industrial policies.

Within the framework of this project, different indicators monitoring the deployment of Key Enabling Technologies are compiled. These indicators cover:

  • Technology indicators (based on PATSTAT data);
  • Production and demand indicators (based on PRODCOM data);
  • Trade indicators (based on UN COMTRADE data);
  • Turnover indicators (b ased on ORBIS data);
  • Employment indicators (based on PRODCOM data and Structural Business Statistics);
  • Composite indicators