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Publication | 4 June 2020

JRC Statistical Audit of the Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2020

Individual skills and talents, more than capital, are the driving
forces that guide human beings towards the future. Since
2013, the business school INSEAD has developed the Global
Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI), which aims to summarise
complex and versatile concepts related to human capital and
talent competitiveness at the national scale worldwide. In so
doing, it raises conceptual and practical challenges, which are
discussed in the GTCI 2020 report. This chapter focuses on the
practical challenges related to the data quality and the methodological
choices made in the grouping of 70 variables into 14
sub-pillars, six pillars, two sub-indices, and an overall index for
132 countries.

The European Commission’s Competence Centre on
Composite Indicators and Scoreboards at the Joint Research
Centre (JRC) has been invited to assess the statistical properties
of the GTCI each year since its first release in 2013. Thus this audit
represents the seventh analysis of the GTCI performed by the
JRC. Overall, the JRC concluded that the GTCI 2020 is robust and
reliable, with a statistically coherent and balanced multi-level