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Publication | 4 June 2020

JRC Statistical Audit on the Elcano Global Presence Index 2016

The Elcano Global Presence Index offers an annual measurement of the projection in the world of —in the 2016 edition— 100 countries. The global presence as measured by the Index is based on the assessment of each country performance across three different dimensions: economic (flows of energy, flows of primary goods, flows of manufactures, etc.); military (troops deployed and military equipment); and soft (migration, tourism, sports, culture, etc.). The philosophy behind the development of the 2016 edition of the Index is that, in order to make each country’s performance across the indicators included in the framework comparable to that of another country, individual indicators need to be computed firstly as intensive variables 10 (i.e. denominated by Gross Domestic Product (GDP) or population). These intensive/denominated variables can thus be added up and combined together to obtain the dimension scores. Only at a later stage the dimension scores should be scaled-up taking into consideration the relative share of a country in global GDP (the economic dimension) or population (both the military and soft dimensions). These scaling coefficients are calculated as the ratio between GDP (or population) of the country and the average GDP (or population) of all the countries considered in the 2016 edition of the Index. This final scaling-up step is deemed necessary by the Index developers to fulfil the goal pursued by the Elcano Global Presence Index, i.e. to grasp the global projection of individual countries.

JRC Statistical Audit on the Elcano Global Presence Index 2016
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