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Publication | 26 May 2021

Food 2030 pathways for action – Urban food systems transformation

Global Food and Nutrition Security

This pathway seeks to provide a way forward for future R&I policy in Europe and beyond. It is 1 out of 10 FOOD 2030 Pathways for Action, which target key R&I leverage points for transitioning towards sustainable, resilient, healthy and inclusive food systems that leave no one behind. The FOOD Pathways for Action will help to underpin Horizon Europe, support evidence-based policymaking and implementation, foster education, skills and capacities, boost innovation and investment, encourage synergies and policy alignment. The achievement of these objectives will be assisted by a dedicated Horizon Europe Food Systems Partnership expected to be launched in 2023 that will provide a multi-actor R&I governance platform and process to deliver co-benefits in line with the European Green Deal. This Pathway ‘Urban Food System Transformation’ is furthermore relevant to the EU Health Policy, EU European Fund for Strategic Investment, EU Food Safety Policy, EU Adaptation policy, EU Environment Policies (7th EAP, WFD), Revised EU Waste Legislation, Bioeconomy Strategy and Circular Economy Package, and to the Sustainable Development Goal 11 in particular (SDGs).