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Publication | 14 May 2020

Evaluation of Livestock Products/By-products Value Chain Processing and Utilization as a Cottage Industry

The overall objective of the evaluation was to evaluate and provide technical expertise on livestock products (meat and milk) and by-products (hooves, hides and skins etc.) value chains, processing and utilization as a cottage industry vocation. Findings of the evaluation showed that facilities for marketing of meat and milk value chain were largely inadequate. Design of the facilities should conform to the current and future demand for the products, and these should be estimated from slaughter rates, sale rates and volumes of products handled. Key areas that were identified for attention are:

  • Improvement of sanitation and waste disposal facilities; latrines, running water and waste disposal sites.
  • Water facilities should be improved through roof catchment or drilling of bore holes.
  • There is need for more sensitization and awareness creation on public health hygiene related to meat and milk value chain handling.
  • There is need to improve on meat and milk value chain handling equipment, tools and protective wear through sensitization of handlers as well as direct support with appropriate equipment, tools and protective wear.
  • Handling of meat and milk during transportation should be improved through sensitization on carriage cages especially for motorcycles.
  • More public slaughter facilities and milk sheds should be constructed at other trading centers.
  • Association and grouping by/of milk vendors are still poor. These groups should be strengthened to capitalize on advantages of pooling.
  • More emphasis should be placed on strengthening meat trader groups/butcher operator groups, and the livestock auction groups to enhance contacts with these traders as well as improve on their own advantages of pooling together.
  • In whereas there is high potential in hides and skins, there has so far been little emphasis on these products. There is need for investments in hides and skins in form of sensitizations, awareness creation, skills capacity building, input support and further assessments. These should be on the whole value chain from household and cattle camp livestock keeping, handling, slaughter, storage, market linkage and processing.
  • There is immediate need for establishment of hides and skins stores at slaughter points in NBEG.
Evaluation of Livestock Products/By-products Value Chain Processing and Utilization as a Cottage Industry

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