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Publication | 28 April 2021

ETIP bioenergy Working Group 3 Distribution & End-use – Orientation Paper and Action Plan 2021


ETIP Bioenergy WG3 has published an update of its Orientation Paper & Action Plan on end-use and distribution of biofuels in Europe for road transport, air, rail and shipping.

The paper includes a focus on EU regulations with regard to CO2 emissions in road transport (Well-to-Tank, Tank-to-Wheel), on fuels regulations (Directive on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources-RED II and Fuel Quality Directive) as well as on vehicle regulations. It also discusses the common themes, issues and challenges presented by light-duty vehicles and the related use of petrol LDV and diesel LDV, and the ones presented by heavy-duty vehicles. The challenges and features of the air and the maritime transport sectors are also shared and presented.

A new chapter for aviation as well as information on the flexibility of kerosene as a road and aviation fuel component have been added.