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Publication | 16 June 2021

Economywide factors affecting agricultural growth and rural transformation: Highlights, lessons learned, and priorities for One CGIAR

Global Food and Nutrition Security

The five research projects in Cluster 2.1: Agricultural Transformation and Rural Incomes are designed to address this first set of questions in a comprehensive way. Project 2.1.1 assesses agricultural transformation from a perspective of changing farm-size distributions and land markets, and Project 2.1.2 focuses on mechanization and labor-saving technology. Project 2.1.3 looks beyond agriculture and focuses on rural entrepreneurship and nonfarm business promotion. Project 2.1.4 broadens the focus further to include urban centers, rural-urban linkages and agrifood system employment. Finally, Project 2.1.5 develops economywide data and tools and provides training to governments and researchers from developing countries.