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Publication | 2020

The Digital Transformation Strategy for Africa (2020-2030)

The digital transformation strategy for Africa (2020-2030) includes a section dedicated to digital agriculture.

The policy recommendations and proposed actions are:

  • Create conducive environment to foster the development of digital agriculture

    • Improve rural digital infrastructure: foster competition in telecoms to boost rural coverage and lower costs

    • Develop digital agrifinance services: for example, e-vouchers for direct benefit transfers and incentives for farmers and other agribusiness SMEs, and improved access to finance for startup and early-stage agritech enterprises

  • Provide farmers with reliable marketing information that helps them reach their markets more effectively, at lower cost and with wider opportunities

    • Support agricultural digital platforms: for example, digital farm registries, digital marketing platforms and agricultural observatories

    • Enhance agricultural digital skills and literacy: for example, provide targeted training for farmers, particularly for women, and extension agents

    • Empowering women in agriculture using ICTs

  • Promote the deployment of digital solutions in Agriculture

    • Implement digital solutions to schedule sprinkler irrigation systems and enhance the quality and productivity of land and eventually increase farmers‘ incomes

    • Deploy eAgriculture information systems with content such as on health, nutrition and educational advice which can empower women by addressing the multiple responsibilities they have in caring for families as well as farming. Using Mobile telephony for sending and saving money enables rural woman to have some sort of autonomy over their finances

    • Implement traceability solutions to be able to respond to the quality standard requirements and

    • help large buyers track, manage, pay, and reward small producers