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Publication | 14 April 2020

Crop Monitor for Early Warning No. 48: April 2020

Global Food and Nutrition Security

In East Africa, planting began in March for long rains cereals across the south of the region and Belg cropping is underway in Ethiopia. Rainfall has been above-average, benefitting early planting operations; however, there is continuing concern due to the threat of desert locusts in the region. In West Africa, main season maize planting started in March across the south and harvest has begun for secondary rice crops in Mali and Mauritania and conditions are generally favourable. In North Africa, there is concern for winter wheat crops in parts of Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia due to dry conditions. In the Middle East, while rainfall has been generally favourable, conflict continues to impact agricultural activities in Syria and Iraq. In Southern Africa, harvest of main season crops began in March in parts of the region and there is continuing concern for final yields due to extended dry spells and erratic rainfall across parts of Madagascar, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia, Angola, and Botswana. In Central and South Asia, planting began in March for spring wheat while winter cereals are exiting dormancy phase and conditions are generally favourable. In Southeast Asia, there is concern for dry season rice across the north of the region where below-average rainfall and insufficient irrigation water has reduced planted area and yield prospects are below-average. In Central America and the Caribbean, harvest of Apante season beans and winter rice is complete and yield prospects are favourable.