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Publication | 6 August 2021

Community-based performance indicators for monitoring and evaluating livestock interventions

Global Food and Nutrition Security

The research aimed at identifying livestock performance indicators used by farmers in Malipati community, Zimbabwe, and use them in developing a monitoring and evaluation framework for livestock interventions. Mixed methods research was used in the study. A questionnaire was administered to identify performance indicators of preference by farmers. Focus group discussions were done to rank performance indicators. Data analysis was done using SPSS version 25, and data were analysed using the ranking matrix. Scientific validity of performance indicators was determined through literature review. The study concluded that performance indicators of importance in poultry, cattle, goats/sheep, and donkeys were egg production, milk yield, kidding/lambing interval, and animal power, respectively. All performance indicators identified by farmers in Malipati are scientifically valid and were used in the development of the monitoring and evaluation framework.