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Publication | 2019

The Climate-Smart Agriculture Papers

This book:

  • incorporates new data on Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) compiled by authors from over 30 institutions and addresses five key questions in scientific and development communities on climate impacts, varieties, value chains, farm management, and upscaling.

  • highlights current efforts being made by scientists in eastern and southern Africa in developing and disseminating climate-smart agriculture (CSA) technologies. Emphasis was placed on getting previously unpublished data written up and presented.

  • highlights a wide cross-section of effort to design and disseminate agricultural technologies and approaches that help farmers better cope with climate risks.

  • highlights the increasing attention being given by agricultural research and extension officers operating in eastern and southern Africa to problems of climate risk and the threats of climate change. Most of the chapters in this book emphasise concerns around technology targeting, dissemination and scaling up needed to speed the adoption of improved practices.

The challenge remains to achieve faster gains on the ground. More evidence-based examples of scale up are therefore needed, along with greater attention on documenting and sharing lessons from successful and unsuccessful practices.