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Publication | 18 June 2021

Climate adaptation and mitigation measures for nutrition co-benefits in IFAD investments in Lesotho

Global Food and Nutrition Security

With this document we aimed at providing climate-smart as well as nutrition-smart ideas and recommendations to facilitate further discussion and action and recommendations to facilitate further discussion and action for development of new IFAD investments in Lesotho. We have put specific emphasis on the change of resource use practices and contributing to reduced environmental degradation, e.g. by giving feedback on how to best support households in the adoption of environmentally sustainable and climate-resilient technologies and practices, and thinking from a landscape perspective. We also looked at improving general land and water resources management practices, by commenting on current management planning practices, e.g. to enhance water retention of wetlands and to combat (alien) invasive species in rangelands. The team of consultants would like to stress, however, that - in line with their assignment - particular focus has been put on ensuring that climate mitigation and adaptation strategies take nutrition into account. In fact, this also responds to the government’s call to protect and restore agricultural production, income and assets while enhancing nutrition and diversified diets of the most vulnerable households in times of extreme drought conditions in Lesotho (OCHA, 2019)