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Publication | 18 June 2021

Climate adaptation and mitigation measures for nutrition co-benefits in IFAD investments in Ghana

IFAD designed a project on adoption of climate adaptation measures, which increase nutrition cobenefits for smallholder farmers and their families. The project is titled “Climate change and nutrition in value chain development” and it is funded under ASAP 2 (Adaptation for Smallholder Agriculture Programme - Phase II). The ASAP is IFAD’s flagship programme for channelling climate and environmental finance to smallholder farmers and is incorporated into IFAD’s regular investment processes, benefitting from rigorous quality control and supervision systems. The project aims to develop a well-proved methodology and approach to support project designs/mid-term reviews and to strengthen the capacity of IFAD teams to conduct comprehensive and integrated assessments at project design that allow for the identification of adaptation and mitigation actions, while also reducing nutrition risks of food value chain investments.