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Publication | 2023

Central African Republic: Acute Malnutrition Situation October 2022 - March 2023 and Projection for April - August 2023

The latest Acute Malnutrition analysis in the Central African Republic, covering 57 sub-prefectures, four prefectures and the capital city of Bangui, has found that nearly 298,000 children aged 0-59 months and more than 140,600 pregnant and lactating women and lactating women are likely suffering/will suffer from acute malnutrition between October 2022 and August 2023. Compared to the previous analysis, this makes up an increase of 16% for children and 20% for women. Among the estimates for children under five years of age, nearly 86,000 children will suffer from acute malnutrition. About 86,000 children will suffer from severe acute malnutrition in the areas analysed, representing about 10% more than last year's the previous year's forecast (2021).

For the current period (October 2022 - February 2023), of the 57 sub-prefectures analysed, only the Sub-prefecture of Kabo (Ouham) is classified as a Critical situation (Phase 4) and 15 other sub-prefectures and the Nana-Mambéré Prefecture, which includes the sub-prefectures of Bouar, Baoro, Baboua and Abba, are in a Serious situation (Phase 3). These are the sub-prefectures of Kaga-Bandoro and Mbrès (Nana-Gribizi), Mobaye, Kembé, Zangba, Satéma, Alindao and Mingala (Basse-Kotto), Bossangoa Bouca, Batangafo, Markounda, Nangha-bonguila and Nanabakassa (Ouham) and Kouango (Ouaka) and the Prefecture of Nana-Mambéré. In addition, 40 sub-prefectures and three (3) Prefectures are in Alert status (Phase 2).

Indeed, only the city of Bangui and the sub-prefecture of Rafai are in an Acceptable situation (Phase 1). During the projected period (March to August 2023), the nutritional situation will deteriorate quite significantly with ten sub-prefectures (Markounda, Nangha-Boguila, Nana-Bakasa, Bossangoa, Bouca and Batangafo (Ouham), Mbrès (Nana-Gribizi), Kouango, Alindao, and Mingala (Basse-Kotto)) that will move from Serious (Phase 3) to Critical (Phase 4 ) and one sub-prefecture (Kabo, Ouham) will remain in a Critical situation.