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Publication | 2022

2022 annual research and policy conference: Agricultural transformation and food security in Sudan

On Monday, October 10th, 2022, the Sudan Strategy Support Program (Sudan SSP) held the inaugural full-day Research and Policy Conference dubbed “Agricultural Transformation and Food Security in Sudan” at the Corinthia Hotel in Khartoum, Sudan. This event was organized in partnership with local and international organizations working on the Food Security and Agricultural Transformation themes in Sudan. They include the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development (AOAD), Mamoun Behairy Centre for Economic and Social Studies and Research in Africa (MBC), Sudanese Researcher Foundation (SRF) and the International Center for Agricultural Research in Dry Areas (ICARDA). The conference brought together about 120 food security and nutrition experts from civil society, private sector, academia and international organizations and many other online participants who followed the proceedings on a livestream. The conference happened against a backdrop of the timely discussions on the risk of rising poverty and food insecurity to Sudanese people, the impacts of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, climate change, and global increase in fuel and commodity prices and the slow post COVID-19 recovery.