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Projects and activities | 24 June 2022

ROADSEC: EC Security Guidance for the European Commercial Road Freight Transport Sector: ROADSEC Security Toolkit

Brief me

Project aim: to develop and deliver a comprehensive security guidance toolkit. This work is being undertaken in partnership with the commercial road freight transport sector and will be completed during Summer 2017. The primary objective is to develop good practice operational guidance in the form of a toolkit for road transport companies and operators of goods depots across the EU. The aim of the toolkit is to help them strengthen their security to mitigate against the risk of a range of security issues including terrorist activity/vehicles being used a weapon against crowds of people, the targeting of vehicles by stowaways to illegally cross national borders and the considerable risk of cargo theft.

The project will also deliver a plan to disseminate and promote the toolkit to ensure that it is made widely available to the EU commercial road transport sector.