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Projects and activities | 18 December 2020

Integrated Approaches for Climate Change Adaptation in the East Usambara Mountains

Global Food and Nutrition Security

Climate models for the project area predicted an increase in annual average temperatures. Rainfall was expected to be less reliable with a longer and hotter dry season from June to October. In 2017, parts of Tanzania experienced serious drought and in 2018 severe flooding took place. These unpredictable weather patterns continued to test the eight targeted communities in 2019: Kwemsoso, Mgambo, Misalai, Kazita and Shambangeda, in Misalai ward, and Kizerui, Zirai and Kwelumbizi in Zirai ward. The villages, which surround the Nilo Nature Reserve, are located in a high biodiversity area, and rely on the Zigi River, which experiences water flow that has varied significantly during the last few decades, with increasing flow peaks and decreasing minimum flows.