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Projects and activities | 4 January 2021

Facility for Agricultural and Rural Market Development (FARM)

Global Food and Nutrition Security

Afghanistan’s agricultural sector has expanded substantially since the end of the Taliban rule. However, individual farmers’ income and productivity remain far behind levels common in neighbouring countries. Afghanistan’s 2.9 per cent per annum growth in agricultural value added barely keeps pace with the rapid population growth of 2.8 per cent per annum, which carries obvious critical implications such as poverty and national food insecurity.

Despite numerous international support initiatives, lack of a sustainable access to quality resource inputs and services remains a serious bottleneck for Afghan farmers. Neither the public extension sector nor the private sector has so far been able to provide Afghan farmers with an adequate supply of quality inputs, services or information. A combination of both public and private services is considered vital in order to fill the current vacuum due to the high proportion of subsistence farmers (60 per cent of all farms comprise less than one hectare land) unable to pay market prices for vital agricultural inputs, services and information.