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Projects and activities | 6 June 2019

EUROSAN : Food Security, Nutrition and Resilience in the "Corredor Seco"

Honduras is strategically located in the heart of Central America; according to the Climate Risk Index, is the world’s most climate affected country. The weather variability fluctuates from severe droughts to blaze floods in an unpredictable pattern, but with defined areas of impact.

The western Honduras is an area continuously affected by drought , the region locally known as "Corredor Seco", is part of a much larger that ranges throughout Central America. That same area also concentrates the highest levels of poverty and food insecurity

Early in 2014, the Honduran Government and Development Partners agreed to share knowledge, tools and resources to strategically reduce poverty and food insecurity in the Honduran Dry corridor, this joint effort is called "Dry Corridor Alliance - DCA".

The EU has played a key role in the Food and Nutrition sector by working directly with the Honduran Government in laying down the policy groundwork on which multi sectorial approaches, such as the DCA; and by working with local decision makers with initiatives such as EUROSAN.

The project focus on three main subjects: Food Security, Nutrition and Resilience, This conceptually links food insecurity, hunger and climate change but in an innovative fashion. EUROSAN proposes to work with local decision makers, community based entities towards enabling them to build a drive towards food security, nutrition and resilience.

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