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Projects and activities | 13 June 2019

EaTSANE - Education and Training for Sustainable Agriculture and Nutrition in East Africa

Global Food and Nutrition Security

Nutrition-sensitive agriculture and diverse diets have been identified as strategies for improving nutrition. Little is known about the interlinkages between consumption and production strategies, and the preconditions and incentives required for farmers to engage in diversified crop production. The proposed project EaTSANE will apply an integrated approach for innovation and capacity strengthening to facilitate systemic change in the food system. It aims to implement sustainable farming practices and improved diets of households in Kenya and Uganda, using a participatory action learning approach. The consortium complements its expertise across multiple research disciplines with extensive experience in communication and learning approaches, and stakeholder engagement for transdisciplinary research. Learning modules on sustainable farming practices and diversified diets will be developed and implemented with schools, young farmer clubs, education experts and national curriculum development centres. The researcher teams, together with farming communities, will co-create knowledge on the use of conservation agriculture practices for sustainable production of nutrient-rich and diverse food, improved soil fertility, on obstacles and opportunities for farmers to engage in diversified production, and improvement of households’ food culture. Findings from the studies will lead to scientific publications and build the basis for policy dialogue and knowledge-sharing activities on a national level with a particular focus on women and youth.