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Projects and activities | 9 July 2020

Corporate venture capital – evaluation of the state of the art

Corporate venturing report 

Key objective: To obtain state of the art knowledge in relation to Corporate Venturing (CV), including a comparative overview of the current landscape, with particular reference to the European context.

Stakeholder groups: Policy makers in Member States and the EU, start-ups, corporates

Project summary: The European Commission is involved in developing policy and policy instruments aiming to support innovation and technology transfer, and as part of this work needs to understand the development of innovation strategies. It is therefore important to understand the impact of innovation and innovation finance models relating to the corporate world.

The evaluation will cover issues including:

  • Describing of main characteristics and historical development of the CV concept
  • Identifying current trends and potential future trajectories of the CV approach
  • Gauging the impact on the technology transfer field, particularly the developing role of higher education institutions and public research organisations in this context
  • Analysis of the most applied models for corporate incubators and accelerators (including collaboration and financing models and IP related arrangements)
  • Providing decision/policy makers with recommendations

Contact: Mattias Dinnetz, Competence Centre for Technology Transfer, JRC

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