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Projects and activities | 28 May 2021

CORE: Closing a protection gap for separated children in Europe

The need for better and harmonized protection of separated children. Implementing the Core Standards for guardians in practice, feeding into policy and legislation.

The project started as a response to the differences in the level of protection separated children receive in European countries. The project aimed to harmonize the protection separated children receive from their guardian by focusing on the qualifications of the guardian. The assumption is that when all guardians have sufficient qualifications and mandates to work in the best interest of the child, the level of protection children receive in the different European countries will harmonize. The Core Standards and indicators are written from the perspective of separated children and guardians. The Core Standards aim to empower all guardians in Europe to work towards common goals and they should inspire State authorities to provide the guardian with the work environment and mandates needed to meet the Core Standards.

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