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Projects and activities | 28 May 2021

ConnectIEM: ICT to support everyday life integration of immigrants and ethnic minority people

The research study "ICT to support the everyday life integration of immigrants or ethnic minority people (IEM)" (ConnectIEM) which was co-funded by JRC-IPTS and DG INFSO, European Commission. The following external research teams collaborated in the study: the Migration and Network Society Programme (MNS) hosted by the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3) of the Open University of Catalonia (UOC), the Technological and Social Change Group (TASCHA) hosted by the University of Washington, and a network of local researchers based in the target countries. The study gathered through an on-line survey statistically representative and comparable cross-country data on the ICT skills, access and usage of “connected migrants” from the main migration groups living in 8 EU Member States. It then explored the relationship between internet usage and integration processes and developed evidence-based policy options.

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