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Joined 17/03/2023

Jose Ernesto Gamito Jardim

Fisheries Standard Director, Marine Stewardship Council

I’m marine scientist with a strong background in quantitative approaches and a longstanding experience providing scientific advice.

I am deeply committed to promoting ocean sustainability. In fact, much of my professional career has been dedicated to developing, supporting, and implementing sustainable practices in the exploitation of fisheries resources. I am a strong supporter of the European project and a firm believer in evidence-based policymaking. I’m marine scientist with a strong background in marine science and quantitative approaches, and a longstanding experience as an applied scientist and scientific advisor. From the beginning of my career, I have been involved in providing scientific advice for fisheries management, developing quantitative models and applications to test and monitor the implementation of management measures. Recently, I transitioned from providing scientific advice to working in a more hands-on capacity as the Fisheries Standard Director for the Marine Stewardship Council, where I focus on delivering sustainability through ecolabeling.

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