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Joined 15/11/2022

Ine Steenmans


I work on policy capabilities, specifically how different types of evidence and methods are integrated in practice

Dr Ine Steenmans is an Associate Professor in Futures, Analysis and Policy at the University College London (UCL). She is based at its Department for Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy. Ine’s research focuses on future policy competencies and capabilities and asks how their development can be better aligned. She has an especial interest in the competencies for integrating knowledge across sectors and time horizons. All her work takes the same needs-led, transformation-oriented and partnership-based approach. Recent projects included capability development work on the uses of systems mapping, evaluation skills, scenarios, and strategy tools – in collaboration with BEIS, Lloyds Insurance, UNDP, Policy Lab, the UAE Office of Advanced Sciences and the UAE Space Agency. Before joining UCL in 2017, Ine worked as a foresight researcher in the UK Government Office for Science.

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