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François J. Dessart

François Dessart is a researcher and policy analyst at the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre. François has been part of the Competence Centre on Behavioural Insights since 2016.

François’ job consists in applying insights from behavioural sciences to help design more efficient policies. François has worked on a wide variety of policy areas, for instance on sustainability, consumer protection, digitalisation and fairness. He has designed and analysed numerous surveys and behavioural studies, both quantitative and qualitative. François believes that better understanding how people think, decide and behave is crucial to many policy challenges. Besides behavioural insights, François also had the chance to work on foresight projects.

Prior to joining the European Commission, François held various research positions in the opinion poll industry and in academia. He holds an MSc in Business Engineering (University of Liege) and a PhD in Economics and Management (University of Namur). He was a visiting scholar at the Department of Social Psychology at Tilburg University. He taught statistics and quantitative research methods for several years at the University of Namur.