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Online Resource

Migration Health Research Portal

Migration and Demography

This one-stop portal houses technical resources such as policy briefs, research papers and relevant data/profiles at country, regional and global level at the nexus of migration and health.

The Migration Health Research Portal serves as a repository of all:

  • Migration and Health Publications (including: research papers, technical reports, policy briefs, health profiles, training manuals/guides and factsheets)
  • Migration Health Projects (Completed/Ongoing from around the globe)
  • Migration Health and Development Global Scholars Network (MHADRI)
  • Migration Health Research Bulletin (bi-monthly newsletter)
  • Upcoming Events relevant to Migration and Health

The site serves as a practical platform for connecting research experts/scholars, learning about migration health research initiatives globally, and improving evidence-based policy and practice. Upcoming Events relevant to Migration and Health are also presented. We are currently working to build a global database of all migration and health research publications via an open source platform, searchable by typology of migrant and topic such as mental health, nutrition, etc.