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KCMD Dynamic Data Hub

the KCMD Dynamic Data Hub allows policymakers to save time in querying data and undertake more comprehensive analysis exploring additional data in related domains. Indeed, the Dynamic Data Hub puts in a single place datasets on different dimensions related to migration and refugee flows to the EU that in the past were scattered and fragmented. In addition, it covers time series of selected demographic and socioeconomic data (e.g. population growth, GDP, labour force and other World Development Indicators).

Datasets are validated, cleaned, updated and made searchable; quick visualisations are possible, graphs can be easily obtained (see below an example of the evolution of irregular arrivals through the Central Mediterranean route over the period 2010-2016).

Check out the video tutorial:

As an example of what can be produced using the Dynamic Data Hub, the following animation shows the arrival by sea of refugees and migrants in Greece and Italy, entering into the EU between January 2015 and October 2016, and their subsequent journey into Europe and the routes followed: