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Eurostat Asylum and Managed Migration

Migration and Demography

Eurostat's statistics on asylum and managed migration. These data come from the Member States Ministries of Interior and related Immigration Agencies and consist of datasets on three areas:

  • Asylum: including data on asylum applicants, first instance and final decisions on applications, resettlement, taking back or taking charge of asylum seekers (Dublin statistics).
  • Residence permits: authorizations to stay granted to non-EU citizens by reasons for the permit issuance, stock of valid residence permits, stock of long-term residents, grants of Blue Cards.
  • Statistics on the enforcement of immigration legislation (EIL): non-EU citizens refused entry at the EU external borders or found to be illegally present at the territory of the EU Member State, obligations to leave the territory of the Member State, removals of non-EU citizens whose presence was unauthorised.