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Access to the Asylum Procedure: Practical Tools for First-Contact Officials

As a first point of contact for third-country nationals reaching the EU, the first-contact officials play a crucial role in guaranteeing effective access to international protection.

The main aim of these tools is to support them in fulfilling their obligations to ensure access to the asylum procedure for those who may be in need of international protection. The tools can help to identify persons who may wish to apply for protection and give guidance on follow-up assistance and procedural guarantees that should be provided to such persons (provision of information, registration, referral and other assistance and procedural guarantees).

The tools were primarily developed for the first-contact officials at the borders or in detention facilities as specified in Article 6 APD recast, i.e. border guards (including coast guards), police, immigration authorities and personnel of detention facilities.

They are applicable in different border contexts, such as at external land borders, including green borders, at sea borders, in the transit zones of international airports as well as in detention facilities.

  • Practical Guide on Access to the Asylum Procedure
  • Poster on Access to the Asylum Procedure
  • Pocket Book on Access to the Asylum Procedure
  • Leaflet on Frequently Asked Questions