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News | 24 November 2022

Questionnaires for competence level self-assessment open for feedback

The questionnaires that will be at the basis of our forthcoming competence self-assessment tool are now open for feedback. We ask policymakers and researchers advising on policy to help us make them as clear and easy to understand as possible.

As part of our work on competence frameworks for policymakers and researchers the JRC is developing self-assessment tools to check your own competenc level and receive recommendations how to improve.

To make the questions used for this self-assessment as clear as possible, we would need your feedback. Please answer to one of the following surveys.

For policymakers:

For researchers advising on policy:

You would also greatly help us, if we could have a short chat with you on your interpretation of the various question. If you would be available for this, please feel free to contact Lene TOPP (for researchers) or Julian KEIMER (for policymakers).